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With classic Mac OS multitasking, when you want to change apps it's up to the active program to relinquish control. This focuses the CPU on just one or two things, which means it's terrible for today's typical litany of active processes. As I write this sentence I have 16 apps open on my iMac, some of which are running multiple processes and threads, and that's in addition to background syncing on four cloud services.

In this sense, OS 9 is a kind of middle ground between modern distraction-heavy computing and going analog with pen and paper or typewriter.

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These justifications represent just a few large Mac OS 9 user archetypes. What follows is the testimony of several classic Mac holdouts on how and why they—along with hundreds, perhaps thousands of people around the world—continue to burn the candle for the classic Macintosh operating system.

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Reader Kefkafloyd said it's been rare among his customers over the past several years, but a few of them keep an OS 9 machine around because they need it for various bits of aging prepress software. Wudbaer's story of his workplace's dedication to an even older Mac OS version suggests there could be more classic Mac holdouts around the world than even the OS 9ers.

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They ran System 7. This DNA synthesis lab has two LC III Macs and one Quadra running continuously—24 hours a day, seven days a week—plus lots of spare parts and a few standby machines that are ready to go as and when needed. The same security advice holds true today. That said, using an antivirus in those days on a Mac was more to protect your friends and colleagues using Windows, to make sure you didn't accidentally forward them an email with a virus or give them a CD or Zip drive with a malicious file on it.

Well, there's Disinfectant , which can still be downloaded here. It doesn't protect from the malware that was available for Mac OS 9, so it was pretty useless even back then but it's an option. There's also Virex, which can still be downloaded here. It can't be updated as the virus definitions server cannot be reached, so by default you're stuck with virus definitions from and a manual update file from And then there is Intego's own VirusBarrier. VirusBarrier version 1.

It took some digging a few months actually , but we found VirusBarrier 1. This is a fully functional and pre-licensed version. If you already have a VirusBarrier 1. If you have your Classic Mac connected to the Internet or a network of any kind, a firewall is most certainly recommended. I do not recall a Mac with OS 9 on it ever being hacked back in the day, but those days were long before hacking was the popular cybercrime it is today.

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It's not unreasonable to think there are ways to hack OS 9, and tools such as Shodan can make finding such machines much easier. Due to the limited system resources available though, a hardware firewall might be a better way to go here, but this can get pricey and you have to know how to properly configure and monitor it.

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A software firewall, however, is the next best thing. NetBarrier was revolutionary for its time, release by Intego in While the chances of running into Mac OS 9 malware today are slim to none, unless it may be hiding in your old backups, the chances of intrusion via the network or Internet are as high as they've ever been.

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Want to run NetBarrier 2. You can grab a copy of it right here. Once installed, I recommend disabling features you don't need and spend some time exploring this highly customizable firewall. You will find a live network monitor in your Control Strip which is also fully customizable, so it can show you exactly the live traffic of the application or protocol you want to keep an eye on. And if you want to see even more real-time traffic stats, just minimize NetBarrier and it'll transform into a Real Time Monitor.

Mac OS 9: Some Love for the Classics!

NetBarrier also runs very light, taking up just 4. With Mac OS 9 not having the most solid reputation for stability, having a backup of your system and files is important. At the time it was and still is one of the best Mac OS 9 backup utilities around, because of its versatility, speed and reliability. With Personal Backup, you can set one or several tasks that either backup or synchronize your data and set a schedule to run hourly, daily, when you shut down your Mac and can even retain several copies of the data.

Backing up automatically, let's say every hour, and retain old copies of data Sounds like Time Machine to me! Indeed, it is exactly like that, without the fancy animations you have in Time Machine these days, of course. Clone the whole system daily, synchronize select folders and backup folders with often changing contents while retaining as many copies as you want. Personal Backup will let you do it. You'll have a hard time finding this on the Intego website these days, but we dug up a copy and made it available right here.

The LandShark wins if it either destroys all of your military units which means that eventually all your civilian ones will be Lawyers is a Daleks type of game except it features crude color graphics and sound effects. Lawyers is a turn based strategy grid movement game in which you're Barry, a blue robot, trying to escape lawyers.

You can latch bombs and It features some sound effects and a few difficulty levels.