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The following steps will guide you through installing a second hard drive in your mini. In the next few steps you will be installing the grommets in the holes located along the brackets boxed in red. While working from the inner side of the bracket, push the grommet through the hole in the side of the bracket. Be sure the grommet is seated nicely in the bracket as seen in the third picture. Repeat the process for the remaining three grommets on either sides of the brackets.

The bracket with all four grommets installed should look like the bracket shown in this picture. Bend the ribbon cable along the dotted lines to help the connectors remain seated in their sockets. Bend the ribbon cable 90 degrees at the SSD connector so that it is parallel to the connector. Use the edge of the SSD connector to put a 90 degree downward bend in the cable along the first large dotted line. Hold the ribbon cable on either side of the first small dotted line and bend it up 90 degrees.

Attach the cable included in the kit to your second hard drive. In our case, we are using an SSD.

Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

If your cable came with a small piece of black tape with rounded corners, you can install it over the hard drive cable connector to secure the connector to its socket on the hard drive. The piece of tape is not required and not installing it will have no adverse effects on your machine's performance. Before attaching the cable to your hard drive make sure it has been properly folded along the dotted white lines.

This will help the cable attach and stay in-place. Use a T6 Torx screwdriver to install two of the set screws on the side of the hard drive closest to the end of the hard drive cable that attaches to the logic board. Tighten the screws until they contact the end of the threaded holes in the side of the hard drive. They are shown correctly installed in the third picture. When inserting the hard drive, be sure to place it in its bracket cable side up with the SATA connector closest to the bulge in the bracket seen in the third picture.

Push the set screws into the grommets in the bracket and install the hard drive up into its bracket as seen in the second picture. Use a T6 Torx screwdriver to install the remaining two set screws through the grommets and into the side of the hard drive. Be sure that the mounting holes line up with the threaded holes in the outer case as seen in the second picture.

When the logic board is installed, simply connect the second hard drive cable to the free socket on the logic board. The second hard drive cable should lay flat between the two hard drives. If the second hard drive cable is placed on top of the first, the antenna plate will not reattach, and you could damage your cable. When you start up your machine, you'll see both drives are recognized by the mini.


Xbench scores show that if you install hard drives in either the top or the bottom position, their speeds will remain the same. To minimize the amount of work necessary when adding an SSD to be used as your primary drive, we recommend installing the SSD like we did in this guide and leaving the stock platter drive in its original bottom position closest to the antenna plate. Then install Lion on your SSD. I did not complete this guide. When adding second drive, be sure that the power supply cables are secured out of the way to allow drive to be seated correctly.

If cables are in the way, screw holes do not quite line up with antenna plate. This should be part of the main guide, I read this after completing my fix and I wish I had read this before. Spent about 20 mins figuring this one out.

iFixit Store Europe | Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

Great guide though. When re-inserting the power supply make certain the left side screw is seated in the secondary drive tray and. Tried everything to get the points home so the right. This worked the first try. This didn't go so well. I did manage to assemble everything according to the manual, but it was one!

One thing I noticed is that the cable supplied to connect the second drive to the mainboard, is slightly too long. I had to bend it quite a bit so that it would line up with the connector on the mainboard, otherwise the cable would extend about 5 mm into the mainboard and not line up. I'm afraid now that I might have broken some of the wired on the adapter while bending it. However, without bending it there was no way to attach the connector.

Idearia SRL - January 2. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Walter Galan and 16 other contributors. Difficulty Moderate. Steps Time Required 2 - 4 hours. Sections 9. Flags 1. Featured Guide This guide has been found to be exceptionally cool by the iFixit staff.

Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts. Step 1 Bottom Cover.

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Step 4. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. See the review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Of the two, I think that the OWC is more focussed on upgrading a Mini, without any extra tools, and it's less expensive. This kit comes with a nice set of bits and a handle, the OWC kit has a set of cheap individual screwdrivers with appropriate heads.

If you need a flexible toolkit then this is an advantage of this kit, but if you want to just upgrade your Mini and be done with it, the individual tools of the OWC kit makes for much faster disassembly and assembly as you will not be constantly switching back and forth between bits. And the bits are held in quite tightly in the iFixit tool case, making it a bit slow to switch them around or find the right one from the multitude of choices.

This kit comes with a tweezer which came in handy. Both kits came with a plastic utility tool, and a specialized U tool to pull the Mini's circuit board out of its mount. The Cable: One consumable of this kit is the SATA ribbon cable. I think the OWC is a bit better as it was already folded properly for use, while this one was a fold along the dotted lines thing. Once in place it works well enough.

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Both come with 4 rubber grommets and 4 set screws to mount the 2nd drive. Seems to work fine. The OWC kit comes with a bit of stick on metal tape that purports to prevent the USB ports from interfering with the Bluetooth antenna. I've no way of verifying this claim. I preferred the OWC video instructions, but the iFixit instructions are fine on their website, and you could use either set of instructions with either kit. Good kit. Be warned--it's a lot of taking apart and some people have ruined their logic board with not very careful removal of connectors.

Five points: The instructions are on the web site, so you will need another computer or tablet to get these. Otherwise, print them first 2.

There have been many reports that having a primary SSD in the new upper slot causes errors. Apparently this should not be true, but many comments on the website for ifixit show this. When you have it apart, remove the connector from the existing hard drive and install that HD with the new connector in the upper slot bottom when the Mac Mini is upside-down.

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Getting the wifi antenna connected to the bottom HD is non trivial. What you should do is a make sure you put the two posts in the HD b lay the machine on it's front so the led is bottom, ports up. Make sure to position the HD posts screws in the two holes in the case c put the antenna grill on. Use the spudger to tilt the HD toward the antenna and you should be able to get the screw in 4. I really don't like that the instructions stop in the middle with 'please do the steps in reverse'. In my case, I missed a clip and had to reassemble when I found it.

Watching the OWC clip might be a good idea 5. Unlike what the instructions say, the cable now seems to come pre-bent. Perhaps they are using a different cable supplier too which might help with the drive swap discussed above. This is the original dual hard drive kit. The identical competitor kit is more popular because this kit was double the price. Performed the upgrade with all the tools.

Very nice. Exactly as described and had my second hard drive installed in my Mac mini and back up and running within an hour. I was nervous about the hd piece being the right on as some Mac minis come with the original hd in the 2nd bay and not the first. But, everything was perfect and the kit came with a lot of extra driver bits than the few required to do the job. For my particular project, I went from a single gb drive to adding a gb SSD drive I had laying around and then I added a 1 tb drive as well.

This kit is a must-have if you do any work on today's electronics. I have used it twice - once to install an additional solid state hard-drive in a Mac Mini and recently to replace an antenna in an iPad. While it was assembled specifically for the Mac Mini work, the screwdriver, spudger, etc. So, it worked perfectly for the drive addition, and saved me buying special tools for the iPad work as well.

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