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BottleNext Entropy - Super Compact PC Case!

March 6, Are you creating the cases from scratch or using OEM empty cases and making something out of them? Reply 4 of 6. March 7, Reply 5 of 6. March 7, 7: Reply 6 of 6.

Make your own Mac Pro with Cryorig’s PC case

You can back the project from here. The aluminium-built case comes in rose gold and black. The cylindrical design is a lot different from the Apple Pro, which has its key components arranged along three sides of a triangular structure, with cooling machinery in its black heart.

The Dune Case is divided into three compartments vertically along the bore of the cylinder. The centre has a mini-ITX motherboard with room for a full-height yet under mm graphics card which is connected to the motherboard through a PCIe riser.

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The third compartment holds two 2. These OSx86 enthusiast communities have existed for years without so much as a cease-and-desist. Poor-to-nonexistent driver support and power management mean that laptops make terrible Hackintoshes, and laptops account for 80 percent of all Mac shipments.


Listing image by Dan Counsell. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content. Hackintoshes are PCs that run macOS, which means you can do whatever you want with the design. Dan Counsell.

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Mike Rundle. Designer Sebastiaan de With's triple-monitor setup uses actual Apple monitors. Right now, Apple doesn't even sell its own monitors, though that will apparently change with the next-gen Mac Pro.