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The three Windows Phone capacitive buttons on the bottom are quite responsive and are placed at the perfect distance from the screen.

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This minimizes accidental taps while still keeping them in the reach of your thumbs. Also the size is what most people consider to be in the comfortable range between 3. The first of these is the HTC Hub, which has received some updates compared to the older version which came with the 7. Launching the app now brings you to a new screen with the HTC clock and weather widget along with the weather of other cities you have added. Pivoting right show Stock, News and Featured apps section — which lists more HTC developed apps available in the marketplace along with a couple of Xbox Live games.

None of the paid apps here come for free though. The Watch service is the same as you get on the Android devices — and also suffers from the same geographic limitations. The HTC Radar also comes with the Tango video calling service which makes use of the front camera on the phone.

HTC Sync Manager, a must have for all the HTC mobile phone users

It might not be as elegant as Skype, but it does get the job done. At least until Microsoft release the official Skype app in the coming weeks. Apart from these additional apps, the Radar runs Windows Phone 7.

HTC Radar Windows Phone 7.5 Mango review

Another killer feature in Windows Phone 7. But hey, something is better than nothing right? But perhaps one of the biggest improvements to the overall phone experience is Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, which runs on the exact same core as the desktop version of Internet Explorer 9, meaning you get high quality HTML5 web experience with full hardware acceleration. Speaking of which…. The increased visual performance is easily noticeable throughout the OS if you are comparing the phone side by side with a 1st generation Windows Phone, like the Samsung Omnia 7.

It is hard to imagine how the operating system would perform once Windows Phone starts to support multi-core chipsets by the end of next year. But you might be wondering, does this upgraded hardware actually equate to any better performance in apps?

How to Transfer Contacts from HTC One, Desire, Inspire, etc. to Computer?

The difference varied anywhere between a second and as much as a five second lead. This performance was reflected in the benchmarks as well. On WP Bench, the HTC Radar consistently posted a score between 81 and 85, well ahead of under 60 points by the previous generation devices. Of course, some newer devices like the HTC Titan are even going as high as 97 points here, but they are high end devices with higher clock rates.

Well that is about to change, because HTC really went out its way to get a high spec camera on its latest Windows Phones. The lower F-speed also means that the phone would snap photos a low faster and be able to take further shots far more quickly. Gone are the days of the over sharp, pinkish and unnatural looking images that plagued the likes of the HTC HD7 and the Mozart.

The Radar takes the pictures with an amazing amount of detail preserved — even in low light. And since the camera packs a continuous autofocus lens, along with face-detection and a new tap-to-focus-and-shoot mode in Windows Phone 7. HTC also adds a couple of scenes and effects to the camera app, along with a few advanced modes like Burst and Panorama — the later takes advantage of the accelerometer in the device to take the shots automatically as you follow an onscreen guide line and move the device.

In video mode, the HTC Radar can shoot p at 30 frames per second with continuous autofocus.

It also supports the same amount of effects as the image mode. You can shoot video from both the front and back camera, though the front cam is only limited to VGA mode and is quite noisy. Video output from the Radar also complements the imaging experience.

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  • Videos preserve a great amount of detail compared to older HTC phones and the post processing noise reduction filters are smart enough to note filter out the details. The rolling shutter is still present however — which is specifically evident in low light conditions. Transferring Bookmarks to a New Android Phone. Share on Facebook.

    How to Sync HTC to Mac OS X ( EL Capitan included)

    Step 3 Click "Browse Device," and then select the files you want to copy. Step 4 Launch your Mac's Finder to locate files you'd like to transfer from your Mac to your phone. Step 5 Click the media category -- "Music" or "Photos and Video," for example -- on the left side of the Windows Phone app to view all available files of that type. If the Windows Phone app doesn't immediately recognize your phone upon USB connection, unplug and connect it again. If it still isn't recognizing it, power cycle the smartphone -- in other words, turn it off and then back on. The "Ringtones" pane allows you to view music on your computer or device that the phone will support as ringtones.

    To use one, select a music file, and then click "Send to Phone" so your HTC Radar enables it as an option for the phone's ringtone setting. References Windows Phone: Sync Windows Phone with a Mac. Resources Mac App Store: Windows Phone.