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Keyboard shortcuts in Excel for Mac. Keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint for Mac. Set up your device to work with accessibility in Office Which product are you using? In the Categories list, click a tab name. Which Office program are you using? Word Excel PowerPoint. In the Categories list, click a menu name. On the Insert menu, click Symbol.

Click the tab with the symbol or special character that you want. If it is necessary, select a font on the Font pop-up menu. Click the symbol or character that you want. Click Keyboard Shortcut.

Click Assign. Click the symbol or character that you want to delete a keyboard shortcut from. Keyboard shortcuts for tasks are reset. For the keyboard shortcut that you want to turn off, clear the check box. Do any of the following: Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Kind of handy when adjusting headings for a data table.

Why, Microsoft? Where is there documentation on what actions are covered by the repeat capability in Excel for the MAC? Thanks for the input. Even though that question was probably rhetorical. Sorry for any confusion. Excel is for Mac computers, which are frustratingly different than the Windows version. Was very excited to find this page. Thanks for the info. Let me know. If you assign a keyboard shortcut to one that already exists, Excel will tell you which shortcut you will be replacing.

Sometimes that faster than looking through all the commands. I teach a lot of Excel — Windows and Excel on the MAC and am constantly trying to acquire and remember the various keystroke shortcuts in each version. Try these when using Excel for the MAC:. Here are a few more: Dear Mr Dennis, your answer is quite helpful and i thank you sincerely for the same. Ctrl F2.

Was this information helpful?

Close current workbook. Ctrl F4. Close Excel. Alt F4. Expand or collapse ribbon. Ctrl F1. Activate access keys. Move to next ribbon control. Activate or open selected control. Confirm control change. Get help on selected control. Open options. Alt F T. Open help. Undo last action. Ctrl Z. Redo last action. Ctrl Y. Copy selected cells. Ctrl C. Repeat last action. Cut selected cells. Ctrl X. Paste content from clipboard. Ctrl V.

Display the Paste Special dialog box. Ctrl Alt V. Display find and replace. Ctrl F. Display find and replace, replace selected. Ctrl H. Find next match. Shift F4. Find previous match. Ctrl Shift F4. Create embedded chart. Alt F1. Create chart in new worksheet. Fn F Insert table. Ctrl T. Toggle Autofilter. Ctrl Shift L. Activate filter.

Select table row. Shift Space.

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Select table column. Ctrl Space. Select table. Ctrl A.

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Clear slicer filter. Alt C. Toggle table total row. Ctrl Shift T. Drag and cut. Drag and copy. Ctrl drag. Drag and insert. Shift drag. Drag and insert copy. Ctrl Shift drag. Drag to worksheet.

Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt drag. Drag to duplicate worksheet. Move one cell right. Move one cell left. Move one cell up. Move one cell down. Move one screen right. Alt PgDn. Move one screen left. Alt PgUp. Move one screen up. Move one screen down. Move to right edge of data region. Move to left edge of data region. Move to top edge of data region. Move to bottom edge of data region. Move to beginning of row. Move to last cell in worksheet. Ctrl End. Move to first cell in worksheet. Ctrl Home. Turn End mode on. Go back to hyperlink. Ctrl G Enter. Select entire row. Select entire column. Select entire worksheet.

Add adjacent cells to selection. Shift Click. Add non-adjacent cells to selection. Ctrl Click. Same selection in next column. Same selection in previous column. Move right between non-adjacent selections. Move left between non-adjacent selections. Toggle add to selection mode. Shift F8. Cancel selection. Select active cell only. Shift Backspace. Show the active cell on worksheet. Ctrl Backspace. Move active cell clockwise in selection. Move active cell down in selection. Move active cell up in selection. Shift Enter.

Move active cell right in a selection. Move active cell left in a selection. Shift Tab.

222 Excel shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Extend selection by one cell right. Extend selection by one cell left. Extend selection by one cell up. Extend selection by one cell down. Extend the selection to the last cell right. Extend the selection to the last cell left. Extend the selection to the last cell up. Extend the selection to the last cell down.

Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel (MacOS)

Extend selection up one screen. Shift PgUp. Extend selection down one screen. Shift PgDn. Extend selection right one screen.