Migrate applications to new mac

This time, however, try doing it from a backup if you did it Mac-to-Mac the first time. Or try Target Disk Mode, as I mentioned.

How to Transfer all Files from one Mac to another using Apple Migration Assistant

I used the migration assistant to try and install my backup files from a hard disk that was manually created not using Time Machine from my Macbook to a new High Sierra Macbook. Migration Assistant never stopped, even after letting it run overnight.

Overnight, your new Mac will feel just like your old one…only newer. No matter: First, plug your Mac into the power supply: However you decide to connect your Macs, make sure your old Mac is plugged into the wall using its power supply. Why is this step necessary?

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Think of it as a safeguard. Mine took about six hours; yours might take even longer. Have you had success with Migration Assistant?

2 Ways To Transfer Files From A Mac To A Mac

I've had a lot of frustrating experiences personally. Make a backup before you migrate unless you just have a clean OS and then test?

How to migrate applications between Macs

I typically lose 15 minutes getting it set up and then wait for it to finish overnight or whatever. Lots of good examples here: Migrating to new iMac, what does Migration Assistant actually migrate? Recovering all my old settings, apps etc I do not have extensive experience using Migration Assistant. Carbon Copy Cloner is wonderful if you don't mind copying the whole disk.

How to move your content to a new Mac

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