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Hit the arrow before recording and go to audio options then check built-in microphone to record your voice and choose your quality from high or medium. OS I mean, the menu grays out. Nothing in the menu bar either. Well, i pulled the plug on it, goes back as it was. A doorstop.

Mac screen recording with audio, keystrokes, and mouse clicks.

For everyone that is interested, I have found that you can record audio output computer sounds and audio input mic while screen capturing simultaneously. Just requires some additional hardware. I think Quicktime recognises only input audio, and you can adjust where this comes from in: Use either an audio splitter to join a mic to the audio channels running back into your computer, or into another usb socket and in Audio MIDI Setup, create an aggregate device and input both output to input audio and input audio under this group.

In Quicktime, before you record, select your custom input channels as your mic. It is advisable to use another audio splitter so you can plug in either speakers or headphones to also listen while you record. Hope this helped anyone, as I did this with a lot of trial and error: If you have external speakers plugged in to your Mac, most of them have a headphone port on the side or front. All you need then is a male to male headphone jack cord available for a couple of bucks and sometimes at dollar stores. Run one end out of the headphone jack on your external speakers and the other end into the line in on your Mac.

To be able to hear it at the same time, just add a splitter again, available at most dollar stores out of your external speakers and plug both your headphones and the male to male cord into the splitter. But mine looks horrible when it comes out. I get about frames per second on the clips. Please help! Windows 7 is fighting piracy so there is no stereo mixer option anymore. Anyway, ran into your post and pulled out my MAC and in less than 5 minutes, viola!!!!

If not then turn the sound off completely on your speakers to avoid feedback. When the record box appears drag the sound volume line to the right, half way is enough. When you have finished recording, remember to turn your speaker volume back up to listen to playback.

I want to select and record certain parts of safari screen, but when I hit the program button it changes the screen, and when i return to safari, the quicktime disappears! How do I do that? The question is the same for other programs, like Skype.. And can you open it with iMovie?

I love my mac more every day! I was really considering buying some software as well so thanks a lot: The screen and audio recording works very well with Quicktime, but unfortunately it will record any background noise as well.

Mac screen recorder with audio

Is there a way to record only the audio coming from the computer? I want to record a live stream in Safari. I navigate to the screen I want it turned black and white for some reason, but oh well. However, there is no red button to turn off, nor is there any menu command to do that. So, I started recording. I finished after a while by shutting down QuickTime the only way to accomplish the objective , and Spotlight cannot find anything called Sound Recording.

No where do the instructions say to quit the QuickTime app, so who knows where you got that idea but that is not what you should do. Once the screen recording is stopped, you can then choose to save or export the file, as described. Just google it. It creates a virtual audio device that can be configured to be anything you like, including system audio. In QT, just select SoundFlower as the desired audio input. More junk crapware from Apple.

Actually the screen recorder works great in Mavericks, and Yosemite, I use it constantly. You are probably using it wrong. I recommend two apps, the one is Screenflow, and the other one is Ephnic Movie Maker. VOB extensions. This same thing started happening when I was using Snapz Pro X to do the capture. Both techniques used to work fine. This failure does NOT occur if my input has a. It will not let me record a part of the screen… I try to click and drag, but it will not let me. The only option I have is to record the entire screen, which I do not want to do!

Someone help please! It worked for me. I click Record. Then I get the message to click for fullscreen or click and drag for a selection. I spent hours looking for a free open source screen recording for mac, it looks like camtasia has monopolised this space, and you need to sign up for an account and all that for a trial.

I found I can do this easily from Quick time. Thank you so much guys. Monopoly sucks. The quicktime player will record all background noise as well when I recording the screen. So is there a way to record only the audio coming from the computer without background noises? Or choose no microphone and dub your sound in later. You can then add your own sound to the screen recording you captured. I am finding that using the screen recorder makes my mouse clicks often not work, I usually have to click twice to put the cursor in a field.

I have the most up-to-date OS, is anyone else having this issue?

Best Games Recording Software for Mac

Hi guys, using this for work at the moment and its nice and simple to use. Would anyone be able to suggest a quick fix for this in quicktime, or do I need some more sophisticated software? Its a shame if quicktime lacks this because its great otherwise! After I have finished recording, I check my videos. But when I do, I can only hear the audio being recorded but cannot see the video its just black.

How I Record Gaming Videos on my Mac

I used to record my Mac screen with Acethinker screen grabber, never had that problem. I figured out my needs from here. Thanks for this tutorial. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Enter your email address below: Posted by: John says: November 16, at 4: Alice says: December 5, at 7: Davonni says: One of the major unique features in Screenflick is the ability to export the original full-quality movie multiple times with different scales, qualities, and file formats. Other applications record directly to a final movie format. Using Screenflick, you record a movie once, then you can create small, low-bandwidth movies, large, high-quality movies, and even export to different file formats, without having to record all over again or use another program. Another great feature unique to Screenflick is the ability to test your export settings.

Rather than picking some quality settings, exporting the entire movie, and hoping the result is what you wanted, use "Quick Test" to export a short 15 second clip of the movie, verify the export settings are right where you want them to be, and then export the entire movie with confidence. Use Screenflick Remote to control Screenflick running on your Mac. Using the remote, you can start a recording, pause, resume, and stop, all without the Screenflick interface being visible in your final recording.

The 5 Best Mac Screen Recorders for Capturing Your Screen

You can even control Screenflick running on multiple Macs at the same time! This is just another example of how Screenflick helps you make a great screen recordings on your Mac. Not only can you record the entire Mac screen, but you can also record a part of the screen. This keeps your movie focused, and saves disk space and processing power for other applications. For times when you want to record fullscreen but export at a lower resolution, you can record at a smaller scale, saving precious performance and battery for other tasks.

Show off your hours-worth-of-work project in a minutes-long movie. Record a movie at a super low frame rate, then speed it up on export to create time-lapse screen captures. Perfect for exhibiting your digital art skills. Before exporting your screen recording, you can preview the movie with all of the keyboard and mouse options. Start, stop and scrub through your video with audio playback as well. In Screenflick you can create presets for your video, audio, keyboard, and mouse options.

Fine tune your settings and save them as a preset, so you can use them later in a snap.

2-in-1 screen recording software for Mac: a screen recorder and video editor

You can also export to other formats, such as Windows Media, using QuickTime component plugins. Put your stamp on it. You can also add metadata tags which will be embedded into the movie file. One handy feature is the ability to export a video as a GIF with a single click from the preview screen.

Snagit is perfect if your focus is getting good-enough screen recordings that will probably have a short shelf life. Camtasia has been around since , which makes it a screen recording veteran. While Snagit focuses on quickly recording and exporting, Camtasia is a beefier screen recorder with a fully featured video editor.

The first time you start Camtasia, it loads a sample project with a handy video tutorial. The app offers screen recordings from multiple sources, and records audio from both a mic or the system. It includes beautifully designed annotations, callouts, transitions, and visual effects. Since these are all drag-and-drop, you can apply and customize them in a matter of seconds. Camtasia also makes quick work of adding clicks, keystrokes, spotlights, and zooms so viewers can easily follow along with the instructor.

Like ScreenFlow, this app does come with a significant cost. Here are 7 apps to make long screenshots easily. Read More too, take a peek at this list:. It has all the ingredients of a fantastic screen recorder, with the full range of editing tools to suit both casual and professional users. Movavi sits in the sweet spot between price and functionality. It combines a broad set of tools with an easy-to-use interface, and has the benefit of being both a quick capture tool and full-featured editor.

If you need more advanced edits, you can open your capture in the video editor. This editor is your typical timeline with an excellent set of editing tools, including a chroma key used if you have a green screen. And the editor even offers two modes, one of which is an easy mode for creating a quick montage. Movavi really shines when it comes to the exporting options available.

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You can also choose from a wide range of presets like exporting for specific mobile devices or 4K TVs.