Apple reminders on my mac

Reminders Doesn’t Always Sync Across Devices

It seamlessly syncs everything to iCloud so you never need to replicate your efforts. Simply add the reminder to the device and then it will be on everything that is connected to the same iCloud account. Reminders is already installed on your Mac so you just need to fire it up and add a few things to get started.

Force Reminders to Sync

The Reminders app is laid out in two columns. The left column shows you your lists. The right column contains the contents of your lists. To edit a reminder, click on the text so you get a cursor, and you can then fix it if it so appears as you want. You can also set the priority, and add any notes you find pertinent.

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If you want to share a list, then you will need to click the little icon to the right of the list as shown in the screenshot below. Then you can add people with whom you want to share it. As we mentioned, everything contained in these lists will then be synced to iCloud so you can then see them on your iPhone or iPad.

Making the Most of Apple’s Reminders App

Usually when you open the Reminders app, you will probably see one of your lists. When you see your lists, it will show how many reminders are in each one, whether there are any that are overdue, and so forth.

If you want to rearrange the order or your lists, tap, hold, and drag it to the location you desire. If you tap on a name, you will be able to see their contact info and you can also elect to stop sharing with them.

Create Your Own Apple Productivity System

Make sure your default list on all your devices is the same and that it is stored in iCloud—that way, when you create a quick reminder with Siri, it will go where you expect it to and be available on all your devices. You can share a list with your spouse or colleagues who use iCloud. To do this on the Mac, hover over the list name in the sidebar to click the Sharing button and then enter one or more iCloud-connected email addresses.

If you want reminders intermixed with your calendar events, check out BusyCal , from BusyMac, or Fantastical from Flexibits. Both are full-featured alternatives to Calendar that can also manage reminders.