Maxtor onetouch 4 plus not recognized mac

maxtor onetouch 4 external Hard drive not getting detected in windows 10

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Jan 20, Dec 4, I've also had other external drives that "completely died" and the drive was totally fine, it was just the controller board that'd gone bad. I've only had one of many that was actually dead dead. I have a pile of these things, both name brand mostly Western Digital MyBooks and not so name brand bring-your-own-disk style ones, that have failed over the years. God, screw these things.

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It would be pointless, but i'm sitting in my office right now and could make a stack and take a photo of a PILE of dead ones of these. As others have mentioned, i think only one of the actual drives inside the enclosure died. The rest, the controller board inexpliably failed. Was this the usual behavior when it was first connected when it was still working?

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A lot of drives blink the light a few times not just during activity, but also when they're in the process of being recognized by the system they were attached to. If you put your ear up to the drive, does it spin up?

Repair and Restore Not Recognized Maxtor External Hard Drive/USB without Losing Data

If it's just running, i'd honestly bet the controller is fried. Pull it out of the case and either connect it to another external case you have lying around or purchased, or just put it inside your tower if you're not using a laptop. Do the files show up? If it shows up as blank or you only see a fraction of the files you want this. It's fiddly, and a command line utility that only runs on linux or macs.

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If that program sees your files in it's "view files" menu you don't need to run the recovery mode that i've ever seen. The only issue now is that you need another drive to write all the files to so you can format the old drive, run this on it , and if it checks out just assume the shitty controller board or power supply or both cocked up and keep using it.

If it doesn't, praise whatever lord you feel like praising that you got ANY of your data off and run this on it and slam dunk it into the garbage can. Choose the Right Drive. Surveillance Center. Creative Professionals.

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