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Watching the VU Mobile go by and creating chaos is kinda fun too. I hope this review is helpful for most people. I was excited to see that Simcity for Mac had its own port from the really bad EA version of the game.

I had hopes that this would be a more optimized and playable version of the game. I just wish they took the time to actually do a well ported version of the game. I know these computers are capable of running this game at much higher settings with a more consistent framerate.

Especially at that resolution.


Hopefully with the updates that they push out with this game, it will become more playable through optimizations Aspyr. For now id say stay away until they push out more updates that target performance.

Its really sad considering its such a great game. There are websites full of images and examples of bugs that EA has refused the fix. The game is wonderful until you get anywhere near a population of 35, people, then the bugs become endless and cripple game play. The population gets dumb, and starts moving out. AppAddict is not affiliated with Apple, Inc. All data is publicly available via iTunes API.

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Not jailbroken? Premium Tools Site News Donate. View more by this developer. Aspyr Media, Inc. Make sure you have enough fire stations to deal with inevitable, toasty disasters. Unfortunately, there are some wrinkles to iron out. At present, it feels tricky to associate with other cities in your region and a better tutorial for this would be appreciated.

What would a SimCity game be without giant, fire-breathing monsters, aliens and other horrifying disasters waiting to be unleashed?

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And, in cases where you make a crucial mistake—such as my purchasing a nuclear power plant without the required environmental filters and accidentally irradiating a third of my city when it failed, thereby decimating my infrastructure and economy and destroying the city of New Llama—you want to go back and do things that much better next time. Now to start another city without, you know, accidentally irradiating an entire neighborhood this time. Your data will be processed in territories which may not provide the same level of protection for data as your country of residence. Origin is in offline mode.

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EA User Agreement. Screenshots and Videos. Build from the ground up, with intuitive controls that make city planning a joy. The Crowd Roars Each Sim that comes to live in your town is a unique individual, and they're quick to let you know how they feel. The Right Tools Instead of forcing you to put everything in one town, SimCity lets you build modularly. You're Not Alone Your little social experiment is open to the world.