What hsrp group uses the mac address 0000.0c07.ac11

IP addresses. The frame is forwarded to the default port. The switch generates an ARP request for the address. The switch floods the frame out all ports except the receiving port. The switch drops the frame. In the Catalyst , frames can be filtered with access lists for security and QoS. This filtering occurs according to which of the following? Before a CAM table lookup. After a CAM table lookup. Simultaneously with a CAM table lookup. According to how the access lists are configured-. Access list contents can be merged into which of the following? CAM table. TCAM table. FIB table ARP table.

Multilayer switches using CEF are based on which of these techniques? Route caching -. Netflow switching. Topology-based switching. Which answer describes multilayer switching with CEF? The first packet is routed and then the flow is cached. The switch supervisor CPU forwards each packet.

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The switching hardware learns station addresses and builds a routing database. A single database of routing information is built for the switching hardware. In a switch, frames are placed in which buffer after forwarding decisions are made? Ingress queues. Egress queues. CAM table -. What size are the mask and pattern fields in a TCAM entry? Access list rules are compiled as TCAM entries. When a packet is matched against an.

Sequentially in the order of the original access list. Numerically by the access list number. Alphabetically by the access list name. All entries are evaluated in parallel. Chapter 3: What does the IEEE Spanning Tree Protocol. Token Ring. Ethernet Switched Ethernet. Layer 1.

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Layer 3. Layer 4. Layer 2. Ethernet autonegotiation determines which of the following? Spanning-tree mode. Duplex mode. Quality of service mode. Error threshold. Which of the following cannot be automatically determined and set if the far end of. Link speed. Link duplex mode-. Link media type. MAC address. Which of these is not a standard type of gigabit interface converter GBIC or small. What type of cable should you use to connect two switches back to back using their. Rollover cable. Transfer cable.

Crossover cable -. Straight-through cable. Assume that you have just entered the configure terminal command. To configure. If a switch port is in the errdisable state, what is the first thing you should do? Reload the switch. Use the clear errdisable port command. Use the shut and no shut interface-configuration commands. Determine the cause of the problem.

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Which of the following show interface output information can you use to diagnose a. Port state. Port speed. Input errors. All these answers are correct. Chapter 4: A VLAN is which of the following? Collision domain. Spanning-tree domain. Broadcast domain VTP domain. Layer Which one of the following is needed to pass data between two PCs, each connected. Which of the following is a standardized method of trunk encapsulation? What is the Cisco proprietary method for trunk encapsulation?

Which of these protocols dynamically negotiates trunking parameters? How many different VLANs can an Which of the following incorrectly describes a native VLAN? Frames are untagged on an Frames are untagged on an ISL trunk. Frames can be interpreted by a nontrunking host. The native VLAN can be configured for each trunking port.

If two switches each support all types of trunk encapsulation on a link between. Which VLANs are allowed on a trunk link by default? Only the native VLAN All active VLANs. Only negotiated VLANs. Which command configures a switch port to form a trunk without using negotiation? Their IP addresses are in the The show vlan id 10 command generates the. Switch show vlan id The hosts are known to be up and connected. Which of the following reasons might. The two hosts are assigned to VLAN 1.

The two hosts are assigned to different VLANs. The two hosts are using unregistered MAC addresses. A trunk link between two switches did not come up as expected. The configuration. The interface configuration on Switch B is as follows: Which one of the following reasons is probably causing the problem? Neither switch has a native VLAN configured. Both switches are configured in the dynamic auto mode. Chapter 5: Which of the following is not a Catalyst switch VTP mode? A switch in VTP transparent mode can do which one of the following? Create a new VLAN. Only listen to VTP advertisements. Send its own VTP advertisements.

Cannot make VLAN configuration changes. Which one of the following is a valid VTP advertisement? Triggered update. VLAN database -. Which one of the following is needed for VTP communication? A Trunk link -. An IP address. Client -. Select all the parameters that decide whether to accept new VTP information: VTP priority. VTP domain name. Configuration revision number -. VTP server name. How many VTP management domains can a Catalyst switch participate in? What is the purpose of VTP pruning? Limit the number of VLANs in a domain.

HSRP Hot Standby Routing Protocol in Packet Tracer 6.1

Stop unnecessary VTP advertisements-. Limit the extent of broadcast traffic. Limit the size of the virtual tree. Which of the following might present a VTP problem? Two or more VTP servers in a domain-. Two servers with the same configuration revision number. A server in two domains. A new server with a higher configuration revision number.

VTP communication in a domain? A VTP version 2 password must be set. All other switches in the domain must be version 2 capable. All other switches must be configured for VTP version 2. The VTP configuration revision number must be reset. Chapter 6: If Fast Ethernet ports are bundled into an EtherChannel, what is the maximum. Which of these methods distributes traffic over an EtherChannel?

Round robin-. Least-used link. A function of address. A function of packet size. What type of interface represents an EtherChannel as a whole? Port channel. Channel port -. Which of the following is not a valid method for EtherChannel load balancing? Source and destination MAC addresses. Source IP address. IP precedence. How can the EtherChannel load-balancing method be set? Per switch port. Per EtherChannel. Globally per switch. What logical operation is performed to calculate EtherChannel load balancing as a. Which one of the following is a valid combination of ports for an EtherChannel?

Two Fast Ethernet links both full duplex, one 10 Mbps. Which of these is a method for negotiating an EtherChannel? Which of the following is a valid EtherChannel negotiation mode combination between. When the switch should not send PAgP frames. When the switch should not form an EtherChannel. When the switch should not expect to receive PAgP frames.

When the switch is using LACP mode. Which of the following EtherChannel modes does not send or receive any negotiation. Two computers are the only hosts sending IP data across an EtherChannel between. Several different applications are being used between them. Which of. Source and destination IP addresses. None of the other answers is correct. Chapter 7: How is a bridging loop best described? A loop formed between switches for redundancy-. A loop formed by the Spanning Tree Protocol. A loop formed between switches where frames circulate endlessly. The round-trip path a frame takes from source to destination.

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Which of these is one of the parameters used to elect a root bridge? Root path cost. Path cost. Bridge priority -. BPDU revision number. If all switches in a network are left at their default STP values, which one of the following.

The root bridge will be the switch with the lowest MAC address. The root bridge will be the switch with the highest MAC address. One or more switches will have a bridge priority of 32, A secondary root bridge will be present on the network. Configuration BPDUs are originated by which of the following? All switches in the STP domain. Only the root bridge switch -. Only the switch that detects a topology change. Only the secondary root bridge when it takes over.

Which of these is the single most important design decision to be made in a network. Removing any redundant links Making sure all switches run the same version of IEEE Root bridge placement. Making sure all switches have redundant links. What happens to a port that is neither a root port nor a designated port? It is available for normal use. It can be used for load balancing.

It is put into the Blocking state. It is disabled. What is the maximum number of root ports that a Catalyst switch can have? What mechanism is used to set STP timer values for all switches in a network? Configuring the timers on every switch in the network. Configuring the timers on the root bridge switch. Configuring the timers on both primary and secondary root bridge.

Chapter 8: Two routers are configured for an HSRP group. One router uses the default HSRP priority. What priority should be assigned to the other router to make it more likely to be the active router? All but the active router. A multilayer switch is configured as follows: HSRP b. VRRP c. GLBP d. Group 1 c. Group d. Which one of the following protocols is the best choice for load balancing redundant gateways? AVF b.

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VARP c. AVG d. The next virtual MAC address in the sequence c. The virtual MAC address of the least-used router d. Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Duplicate Quiz Cancel. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Questions and Answers.

Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Two routers are configured for an HRSP group. One router uses the default HSRP priority. What priority should be assigned to the other router to make it more likely to be the active router? Any router in the HRSP group that is not the active router could be what?