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That semblance of a business model goes in the pro column. The keyboard shortcuts are plentiful, and include excellent arrow key support, which warms my heart.

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Keyboard shortcuts let you open the current story in another tab, including an option Shift-V to open that tab in the background. I like that. Sometimes, though, it can feel a little slow on the Web: But Feedbin is certainly a service that gives me hope for our Google Readerless future. That rate includes free access to apps that the company offers for iOS, and an upcoming app the service says it will offer for the Mac. But I had trouble with the service. It scores bonus points for its novel approach: The three-paneled Web interface is highly usable; the keyboard support is good; Fever will continue to work for a good long time; and third-party apps can if they so choose connect to it.

I appreciate that I have it in my back pocket should everything else fail. And it works pretty well, with a variety of customizable views. I was never a fan of Google Reader on the Web. If you were, though, BazQux is worth a close look. There are other smaller services to explore, too. Google taketh away, and now Digg and AOL are giveth-ing us readers of their own.

Digg Reader also just released a companion iOS app. The iOS app shows even more promise than the Web app, and is a pleasure to use.

Bye-bye, Google Reader: Alternative RSS solutions for Mac and iOS users | Macworld

You can toggle across a variety of views: There are no iOS apps involved yet, but AOL Reader works acceptably—with occasionally too-small tapping targets—in Safari on those devices. Keyboard navigation is again Google Reader-ish, with a sad lack of arrow key control.

But really, for either service to prove a hit, it will need to grow quickly, become a popular syncing option, and work reliably. None of those things is assured. To its credit, Digg says it plans to start charging for some additional features, in a freemium model. Neither the iPad nor Mac versions of Reeder have been updated to support Feedbin.

On Wednesday, a significant update to Mr.

What Makes a Great RSS Reader App?

Reader added support for many services, so now Dan can run a native iPad app to sync with Feedbin and stick with Reeder on his iPhone. He still plans to use NetNewsWire without sync on his Mac, but that seems less than ideal to me. Feedbin has become my favorite option behind the scenes, and today—with a heavy heart—I removed NetNewsWire from my Dock and my Login Items.

In its place is a Fluid app pointing to Feedbin, complete with an unread items count badge. My plan is to rely on the Fluid app until someone makes a great Mac app with a Feedbin backend. Reader on the iPad, all of which will remain in sync thanks to Feedbin.

The Minimized Layout shows only the source and list of unread articles or selected content — not both:. While all of these settings can be overwhelming, together, they grant the ability to fine-tune the Reeder experience.

Bye-bye, Google Reader: Alternative RSS solutions for Mac and iOS users

Navigating Reeder can be lightning fast. In addition to customizable and nearly endless keyboard shortcuts, the application supports numerous gestures for trackpad users:. Once these gestures and keyboard shortcuts are ingrained, they make skimming and reading articles lightning-fast. In fact, the gestures in particular remind me that Reeder started out on iOS. While that may sound like a problem from an old-school Mac fan, the reality is that the best apps on the Mac should be flexible and powerful while easy to use. While Reeder has been around since , it took the developer some time to re-group after Google shuttered Reader.

However, it lacks a lot of the polish found in our favorite app.

Once my account was set up, it was noticeably slower to fetch my test library of 4, unread items and took considerably more CPU to do so. Read Later, RSS News new unread items , and RSS Starred are the three default folders, but creating new ones to act as filters on incoming content is pretty straight-forward for anyone who has set up rules in Mail or smart folders in Finder:. While Reeder can only send items to services like Pocket or Instapaper , ReadKit doubles as a client for these services as well, putting your Instapaper, Pocket, Readability or even Pinboard articles in the same application as incoming RSS content.

This makes ReadKit a bit of a trojan horse — the Greek kind, not the scary computer virus kind.

Review of Leaf RSS Reader For Mac

It looks like an RSS client, but in reality, can serve as a local Instapaper or Pinboard client just as easily. In short, Safari can add RSS feeds or social media accounts to its own sidebar. New items come in automatically and can be searched. All of this syncs over iCloud to other Macs and iOS devices, which worked quickly and seamlessly in testing. It syncs with Feedbin or Feedly, or it can just run locally.

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It synced quickly with both web services, but right off the bat started advertising to me:. For example, above is the RSS feed for my site. While on the design front, Leaf offers several font and color theme options. The flat design coupled with a little transparency here and there may be trendy, but the app feels a little cluttered. Leaf comes with a good selection of sharing options, support for push notifications, and runs smoothly on my MacBook Pro.

However, its limited support for RSS services and odd design choices should be considered when choosing an app. I have fond memories of running Vienna for several years on my old PowerBook G4. Vienna feels dated to most of the other apps tested, but everything renders well enough, and its built-in filtering is pretty handy:. Sadly, under testing on macOS Yosemite, Vienna was prone to freezing and even crashing. However, it was the fastest at syncing my test library of feeds.

That lack of file import sets the bar for RSS Reader: Really simple:. The menu bar icon turns blue when new items come in. Once they do, items are sorted by publish date in the main window.

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Clicking an item will open a preview of it in an adjoining window. If you have a lot of feeds, this lack of structure will break down quickly. RSS Bot crashed while importing my test. So much so, I got curious and dug around a little inside the app bundle:. While this syncing has been fine in our testing, I found it to be stable while importing my test OPML file and pulling in several thousand unread items.

Reeder 3. While the iOS App Store has its problems as well, because the Mac App Store is so much smaller, this sort of thing bubbles to the top much more easily.