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So even if a cron will be able to run it every minutes, here, it will not. So to see the output on the shell as it's generated and wait for the exact request time, you need to look at the time before, and after, and loop with the while. If you want another schedule, just change the "60" seconds with what ever you need. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Ubuntu Community Ask! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Repeat a command every x interval of time in terminal? Ask Question. There is no need for a script, i need just a simple command to be executed in terminal. Open Terminal and type: Brian Moths 2 8. It Works like a charm! Is there any way to use watch with "history enabled" type command? I love using watch , but sometimes I'd prefer to see a log of previous executions as well, instead of just the last one.

And yes, I know I can use scripting while true to accomplish this, but using the watch utilitiy is so much cleaner! You can also use this command in terminal, apart from nux's answer: There is few drawbacks of watch It can not use any aliased commands. If the output of any command is quite long, scrolling does not work properly. There is some trouble to set maximum time interval beyond certain value. In the above circumstances this may appear as a better option.

I am not claiming this answer is to be used at first place. That is why I mentioned "apart from nux's answer" at the beginning. But there are few problems with watch for example One can not use any aliased commands with watch. Take for example ll which is aliased to ls -laF but can not be used with watch. Also in case if the output of any command is quite long you will be in trouble in scrolling using watch.

In these few special cases this answer may appear a better option. This is a nice alternative and, unlike watch , it keeps the command history. Just wanted to pitch in to souravc and nux 's answers: While watch will work perfectly on Ubuntu, you might want to avoid that if you want your "Unix-fu" to be pure - on FreeBSD for example, watch is a command to "snoop on another tty line".

The caveat is that it will first sleep, then run your command, so you'll need to wait some SECONDS before the first occurrence of the command will happen. Hopefully it's acceptable as an answer instead of a comment - I wanted to show another solution here and commenting would actually give me less attention.

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Why exactly does it matter where you put sleep in the while loop? Basically you have five time-related, space-separated fields followed by a command: The time and date fields are: From my crontab listed with crontab -l: Lekensteyn Lekensteyn k 48 The question asks how to run something periodically in the terminal. In 1st terminal type this command: Watches established. X Tian X Tian 1 6. I didn't tell him to write a script, I suggested that if they are looping inorder to watch for particular filesystem event, then inotifywait is useful, and uses less resources than repeating a command.

I often run several commands on a command line eg grep something InALogFile less is that a script?

Simple ‘watch’ command for Mac OS X

What could be simpler than. I can't leave out the command. Watch is one of those great pieces of software that is tiny and completely out of the way, but when needed it will be a life saver. What is the watch command?

A good example is using watch to monitor disk usage. If you examine the screen shot closely, in the upper left hand corner you will notice that the command is being run every 5. As we delete a large portion of files, or copy new files to our computer we will see these values change. If you really want to, you can even compile watch yourself. Both of these will also install watch onto the Mac, use whichever approach you are comfortable with.

As mentioned, we have three choices; installing watch as a precompiled binary, installing watch with Homebrew, or installing Watch with MacPorts.

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