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Well worth the price and more. I just downloaded and used this app for the first time. What a gem! Even in the Mac world, I am hesitate to take a chance on visiting such sites. Then I found this item on the Mac App Store. The app did exactly what I wanted: Firma ect. Die App ist mehr wert, als sie kostet! FritzBox Very Very Useful. This app is deceptively simple yet packed with features.

It makes me wish I had more to do than just back up my contacts to Excel. It would be ideal if you had contacts in lots of places and wanted to back them up, fix errors or otherwise adjust the data. Just export to your format of choice, modify then import back what you need to using native Contacts features. Integration with iCloud is seamless too. Top marks to Stefan Keller for such a useful and well written app! If you appreciate flat data to storage and moving this is a steal. By Shawn G! Does what it says on the tin. I used it to export email addresses from a group to Excel, which it did quickly and easily.

All the controls I wanted were there. Funktioniert super. By inovers. Und schon gingen die Probleme los: Will ich Programmierer werden?? Endlich eine einfache!!!! Vielen Dank an den Entwickler. I clicked download in the apple store, then it said it was installed, next I found it in applications and opened it, chose excel, chose all contacts and there it all was - no more steps than that, too easy and all the info is set out properly. Super Tool! By je. Supereasy zu bedienen und tut was sie soll. Absolut empfehlenswert! Gute App, guute App. Oder get das schon?

Useful app! Worked flawlessly at exporting csv. This app Export Address Book worked flawlessly. Also ich habe jetzt einige Tage intensiv mit der App gearbeitet: An der App gibt es nichts auszusetzen. Also liebe Leute! Der Excel-Export. Dass man bei einer. Deshalb schreibe ich jetzt auch die Rezension. Great solution to export problems. This app has now filled that gap. It runs fast and is easy to understand. Prima App! Vielen Dank. Neat little app. Super App! Kleine und feine App, die ihr Geld mehr als wert ist! Mittlerweile nutze ich auch andere Formate man hat ja die Wahl wie z.

Einer der besten Apps, die ich mir in letzter Zeit zugelegt habe. Einfach und sicher zu bedienendes Tool um Adressen aus dem Adressbuch in Windowsdateien zu exportieren - einfach zu parametrisieren. Great, clean running app. No issues whatsoever. Tip Top. Macht es genau richtig. Mit dieser Software funktioniert es so wie es soll. Klappt prima mit Exchange Server Kontakten und anders wie hier von einem anderen Rezensenten geschrieben, klappt der Export von Umlauten problemlos, und das ohne irgendwas umzustellen. Der Preis ist gerechtfertigt.

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Beste Investition seit langem - unbedingt empfehlenswert! Als Tabelle exportieren, in Numbers bearbeiten, Re-Import, fertig! Works out of the gate. Saved me hours!!! I needed to export my contacts into excel so I could produce labels for a mailing and was ready to give up and then found this app. It worked like a charm and is super easy to use. Had my list and was formatting my labels within 15 minutes of downloading this app. Does exactly what it's supposed to do and could not be easier to run!

Easy to use and does exactly what it promises. I needed to export a very large address book with almost entries and tried at least 10 different tools before I found "Export Address Book". It took me all of 30 seconds and my task was completed. Well done and well worth the expense. Highly recommended! Nice and easy, peasy.

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Pour le prix, cela vaut le coup. Works perfectly for me. That's exactly what it does. Can't see what else you could really want from this app - if you want to export your Address Book contacts into a variety of formats with totally customisable fields, then you can't really say fairer than this app. Works great! The best address book export app I have found so far.

I regularly export address book groups to Mail Chimp and other programmes I use. The exports are simple, accurate and can be saved, so now I just have presets ready to go Good support too Highly recommended by me. L'exportation au format tableur Excel fonctionne parfaitement. So very easy After my frustrations with not being able to export Contacts from the Apple Mail and bring them into Filemaker, this bit of magic gets it done and wonderfully, painlessly so!

Once in a while a piece of software is so very easy to use, that it makes my day! Thanks Stefen for bloody good work! Essential App. Why on earth OSX doesn't do this This app is so simple to use, it took me less than 5 minutes to print a short-list of contacts as a hard-copy backup for traveling. Nice features. This app allows you to save maps for exporting to specific applications. That's a great time saver. Works well. Very useful. Export Address Book does exactly what I expected, flawlessly.

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I use it mainly to create Excel member's list, this last one being linked to other Excel workbooks. Very simple to use. Apple should buy this app and incorporate it in Contacts Address Book. Thank you for all the work behind this app. Works Perfect. Mein konkreter Anwendungsfall: Wen habe ich dieses Jahr im Adressbuch aufgenommen?

Fulfills the expectations. Esporta tutti i campi, anche quelli personalizzati.

This App works exactly as marketed. It saved me tons of time exporting the business contacts I needed from Mac Mail to an Excel Spreadsheet. Took me approximately 5 minutes. Very Useful. Very helpful app to be able to export Contacts in various formats. I was able to use the comma-separated text to create a database in Bento, and use a V-card export to load contacts into my car's contact database.

It Works and It. If you need to export your Addess Book then you need this app. Shame on Apple for not including this feature in the Address Book app. God fortunes to Stefan Keller for developing this utility. Oh yes, It Works and it's Fast. Buen exportador! Easy to use, affordable, and saved hours of effort. I was amazed to discover that there was no built-in OS X functionality to export my address book as a CSV… and then horrified. My iPhone had just been stolen and I was temporarily using a Windows Phone. There was no way I was going to re-enter all of my contacts.

This app works smoothly and is easy to use. By swiss. Funktioniert super, konnte innert 30 Sekunden soeben meine Kontakte ins Excel exportieren. Nice Apps. By light has two meanings …. Worked perfectly. This program is so EASY to use!! Especially with excel! I am lost when it comes to database applications this program made me feel like a computer WIZ!! I used the program to export my entire Mac Address Book into a Vcard format for my windows laptop using "DropBox" as the export location - available to all my computers.

Competely intuitive, easy to use it took 3 easy steps and worked like I wanted. Imported perfectly from that file into windows Thunderbird address book. I then did another export from my Mac using the same settings except into CSV format for window Outlook for work. Same experience. This was definately hitting the "easy" button. It's nice when something works like it suppose to. Worked Great.

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Needed to get several hundred contacts into Filemaker and this worked perfectly! It opens and runs fine and it was easy to drag and drop the contacts and export them out as an excel file for import to Filemaker. It works as described. It works. The first two lines of the address book created some misreead data so when opening the Excel sheet, it came up as text import. Give your new folder a name, for example Duplicates.

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Choose your main contacts folder as the destination folder. This is the folder that is currently empty. Copy the contacts from the Duplicates folder back into your main Contacts folder. Move the selected contacts into your main Contacts folder. Every time Outlook encounters a duplicate contact, you'll see a prompt with two choices. Select Update information of selected contact if the contact is a duplicate. Once you've made your choice, select Update. If you want to repeat the same choice for all duplicated contacts, select Update All. Export contacts from Outlook for Windows.

Create and edit a Contact Group formerly distribution lists. Add or remove an address book. Options for resolving duplicate contacts You have two options to resolve duplicate contacts in the Duplicate Contact Detected dialog box:. For example, if you create a contact with the name Judy Lew, and you already have a contact with that name in your Contacts folder, you will have two contacts named Judy Lew.

To distinguish between the two, you can add a middle initial to one. Displaying your contacts as Electronic Business Cards is a good choice of views in which to see enough information to distinguish contacts with duplicate names. For example, if you have a contact named Judy Lew with the phone number , and you get a duplicate contact with a new phone number, Outlook will copy the new number into the appropriate field in the existing contact and leave all the other fields the same. The color categories that you assign to the new contact and the text in the message from the new contact will not be copied into the existing contact.

If you want to copy this information, you must do so manually. Certificates and links to contacts on the Activities tab will be copied from the duplicate contact and added to the existing contact without replacing the original information. However, links on the Activities tab to items other than contacts, such as tasks and appointments, will not be copied. Whenever Outlook updates the data in a contact, a copy of the original contact is stored in the Deleted Items folder. Formatting Long Documents with David Rivers. Start to Finish with Troika Design Group.

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