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Here are a few more Windows 7 themes.

windows Themes--Mac OS X Mountain Lion Skin Pack for windows 7,8 and xp

You Are Here: Mac Theme for Windows 7 - Download 4. Leopard Theme windows Vista - Download Update: Mac OS Theme - Download 6.

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OS X Theme - Download One thing that is common with all these themes that each of them have one glitch or the other - and none of them are perfect but still does the job. Share on.

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Lion Skin Pack is installed like any other Windows 7 theme. It changes aspects of your system's appearance such as the wallpaper, task bar appearance, icons, menus and progress bars to more closely resemble the way that they look in the Macintosh OS "Lion Edition". Because this is a skin pack rather than a standalone piece of software, it does not replace the Windows task bar with something resembling the Macintosh OS "Dock" menu.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Theme On Windows

However, users may choose to supplement this skin pack with a third-party application such as ObjectDock that closely imitates the appearance and behavior of the Mac OS dock menu. Due to the limited nature of the skin system included with Windows 7, it will not be easy to fool people into thinking that you are using a Macintosh unless they are computer novices. Di default, dopo l'installazione, dovrebbe essere attivo, ma quando si tratta di programmi di questo genere ci sono tante variabili non controllabili che variano da computer a computer.

Potresti provare a tornare al punto di ripristino del sistema operativo precedente all'installazione del tema e rieseguire l'exe. Maurizio Altri.

Mac OS X Lion Skin for Windows 7

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    Zmień wygląd Windowsa XP w OS X Lion

    In un unico pacchetto, infatti, trovi tutto quello che serve per Visualizza descrizione completa.